What is rebounding
Rebounding is the worlds most effective alternative workout style that is much easier on the mind and less pressure on the body.
Trampo-Line where fitness meets fun.
Choose from speciality workout classes on mini trampolines and come bounce with us!
We will workout ‘rebound’ style. 
Together we will reach new levels of health, fitness and motivation within our energy packed fun-filled jumping studio’s. Jump to get fit, jump to get healthy and jump to stay there. 
Everyone is welcome!
health benefits
  1.  High cardio alternative workout with low-impact.

  2. Improve physical capacity.

  3.  Strength /conditioning & flexibility workout.

  4.  Improve immune system through lymphatic drainage.

  5.  Injury recovery/ rehabilitation.

  6.  Cool down/ warm up exercise.

  7.  Improve circulation and breathing.

  8.  Improve balance and boosting endorphins.

  9.  Suitable even for someone with hip or knee injuries.

  10.  Developing coordination skills.

  11.  Perfect group bonding training.

  12.  Great fun and stress releasing activity.